Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Chamber Pot on the head

 January 17, 1964 (early morning hours)

This is a very well-known photograph of the Beatles, along with Brian and George Martin, celebrating I Wanna Hold Your Hand being #1 in the United States.   

I recently re-read George Harrison's account of this photograph in the Beatles' Anthology.   My question is, what restaurant was this?  This at least explains where the chamber pot came from -- I guess soup was eaten out of it.   

George took us to a place which was a vault, with huge barrels of wine around. It was a restaurant and its theme was… well, the bread rolls were shaped like penises, the soup was served out of chamber pots and the chocolate ice cream was like a big turd. And the waiter came round and tied garters on all the girls’ legs. I’ve seen some pictures of us. There is a photograph around of Brian with the pot on his head.



  1. The restaurant was called Au Mouton de Panurge. Evening of 16 January 1964.

  2. very well-known photograph but not complete left was Wife of george Judy Martin i believe that was the dinner for I Wanna Hold no.1 in Paris