Thursday, December 28, 2023



December 27, 1973 -  50 years ago Julian and Cynthia flew over to Los Angeles to spend time with John and May.  These photos might not be from that exact day, but they still show what happened.  Julian hadn't seen his Dad in many years and you can tell that he's nervous and a little uncomfortable.  But by the end of the trip, Julian and John had a good time together and John didn't end contact with Julian ever again. 


  1. Julian was visiting John at Ascot in 1971 so it was only two years since their last visit so I would not call it many years like you did.

  2. Is Julian wearing John's Wells Fargo badge he got at the Shea 1965 show?

    1. I spotted that too and wondered the same thing. Maybe May would know?(MarkZapp)