Tuesday, December 26, 2023

First generation American Beatle fans wanted


Hi everyone!

Ten years ago I made a call for 1st generation American fans to answer a few questions about the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.   I received great answers to the questions and I was able to write a really fun article as a result.    We are heading toward the 60th anniversary of this event and I would like to try again.   I am asking the exact same questions that I asked in 2014 and would love to have as many American first-generation fans to answer them as possible.   By answering these questions, you are giving me, Sara Schmidt permission to use your quotes in an article that I will be publishing on this site in February 2024 as well as any other article or book I may write in the future.  

Here are the questions.  You don't have to answer each question.  I know that you might not remember all of the answers.  Just answer the ones that you'd like.

1.  When did you first hear the Beatles music?  Did you like them right away?

2.  Did you watch the Ed Sullivan Show specifically to see the Beatles?

3.  What was your reaction (for example did you scream, dance, take pictures of the TV screen, cry, state in awe, etc).

4.  What was the reaction of the adults in your house?

5.  What was the reaction of everyone at school on Monday?

6.  Who was your favorite Beatle then?  Has it changed since 1964?

7.  Anything else memorable about that day or that time that you'd like to share?

Please send your answers to meetthebeatlesforreal@gmail.com 


  1. My award-winning memoir. I lived it at 14:

  2. just turned 11yrs old when I saw them on ES and loved The Beatles from that moment on; kids at school were crazy about them; fav was Paul in 1964 but changed to Ringo; the memories of seeing them get off the plane in NY and at the Plaza are still fresh in my mind