Sunday, December 17, 2023

Disney and the McCartney family


December 16, 1973 

These photographs are timely because I just returned from my trip to Disneyland in California yesterday.   I have seen close-up photos of Paul and Linda with some Disney characters, but I have previously never seen these that are further back.   I wonder where this took place  They are sitting near a set that has scenes from Pinocchio and behind them is a Winnie the Pooh scene.   There is also a sign from Robin Hood, which Disney had just released in November of 1973.   I also didn't know that Heather,  Mary and Stella were there on set meeting the characters too.  


  1. Not only were their children on the set but they all appear in the opening sequence along with the Disney characters as they march into the studio before Paul & Linda introduce excerpts from some of the upcoming Disney movies and yes the wonderful footage of the entire show is "out there" :)

  2. not looking too happy