Sunday, December 3, 2023

Apple Meeting 1983


December 1, 1983 -  Dorchester Hotel 

It was on this date that Paul & Linda, Ringo, George and Yoko all met at Yoko's suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London.    According to a comment on this very site, The Beatles EMI contract had expired in 1976, so they'd each had the option to sign with other labels - George and Ringo signed with new labels, but Paul stayed with EMI, but as part of the new deal, Paul negotiated an increased royalty payment for Beatles' record sales - so he was getting more than the others.

The meeting did not go well, but Paul and Linda sure look happy.  I still have never found a photograph of Ringo from this date.  But apparently he tolk a reporter who asked if the Beatles were getting back together not to be "daft."  


  1. What Paul did was pour salt on old wounds by renegotiating that higher royalty rate. He should have known that his ex band members would have found out about it and become furious. This also eventually snowballed into him not appearing at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for The Beatles because they were suing him over that new royalty rate. Bad decision on his part. 😠 (MarkZapp)

  2. Power move by Paul! AWESOME!!!

  3. I believe that may be the same overcoat that Paul wore in pics at Regents Park in 1968.

  4. It is absolutely silly to draw any hard and fast conclusions from an EIGHT (!) hour meeting when we know very little of went on. But if you want, read the excerpt from the excellent Peter Doggett book about this meeting. Sure I can see Ringo's side, but I definitely see Paul's side too.

    1. Totally agree. People are quick to jump to conclusions.