Thursday, November 2, 2023

How I Got George Harrison's autograph (a fan story from 1966)


Just a week before this story, George was in San Francisco

Sometimes the most charming stories of a fan meeting a Beatle (for real) can be found hidden in an auction listing.  Often to verify an autograph as genuine, the seller writes out how the autograph was obtained.   That is the case with this story.   The seller's name was not listed, but she included her story along with her diary pages.  

How I got George Harrison’s autograph


In 1966 I was 13 and lived in Hinchley Wood, not far from Esher where George Harrison lived at the time.  I was a massive Beatles fan!

On 2nd September my friend Linda and I went to the shops.  I then walked home, crossing the road by the traffic lights next to the EFS petrol station.  I saw a black mini with tinted windows with George Harrison at the wheel.  There was no self-service back then so his window was down.  Star-struck as I was, I could still see he looked like he had a raging hangover!  I was entirely overwhelmed, but very polite, and asked him if he was George Harrison.   He said, “If you want an autograph, no, but if you’ve just come to say hello, yes.”  So I lied and said I didn’t!

I went home and told everyone including Linda who lived nearby.  Also, a Beatle fan, she was naturally really jealous.

The next day she and I walked to the shops together to buy her Beatles Monthly (I had mine delivered).  On our way home – incredibility - - George Harrison was getting petrol again, this time in his green Ferreri with Patti.   He gave us the autographs I claimed not to want the previous day, and a smile!  Linda’s was on her Beatles’ Monthly (my turn to be jealous!) and mine on a scruffy piece of paper. Whether it was mine or George’s I can’t remember.

Like a real teenage stalker, I wrote everything in my diary – including the car registrations! 


  1. As a George fan, I was greatly disappointed when I learnt, that George also cheated on Olivia. Shame. This woman made him a father, and she loved him so much. 💞

    1. He was a musician, songwriter, singer, producer, entertainer.
      He was NOT a moral guide to how we are supposed to live. We love him anyway. What he might have done is between his wife and him only. Don't put TOO much faith into humans being God like. They are just like you and me but with more talent and more fame. Mark H. Zappasodi

    2. True, but as Pattie was mentioned, I immeadiately thought of Olivia. I don't remember George with Pattie, and I always believed that he was happy with his second wife. But then, one never knows.

    3. thanks Mark - well said

    4. He probably was happy with Olivia, but, human nature being what it is, the temptation was too much to ignore. Be real people, women are a powerful drug. Don't expect George to be perfect and you'll sleep better tonight. You're a Beatle and the temptation is magnified 1,000,000 times. (MHZ)

    5. True, the Beatles always said they weren't role models and didn't want to be either. Then they changed because as solo songwriters and musicians they did start telling us how to live our lives through their religious beliefs, political beliefs, and what and what not to eat, and not always living up to what they preached. It works both ways. However, I agree with Sara - this post has nothing to do with George and his wives. It's a nice story and typical of how kids were back in the day.

  2. As Paul once said, our idols are made with feet of clay.