Wednesday, November 15, 2023

George in New York in '63

screenshot from "Now and Then" video 

Photo by Peter Harrison 

George Harrison on the roof deck of the Pickwick Arms Hotel - end of  September or early October  1963. 

The small clip of George in New York in the New and Then video has me excited that all of the 1963 George film is still around and has been worked on and cleaned up.   I  have heard about George and his brother shooting film in Benton, Illinois from many of the locals there when they were alive and I have longed to see the footage.   Little snippets keep popping up here and there.  One day Olivia or Dhani will allow us to see it all.  


  1. Hi Sara. I was intrigued about that little clip of George in the US in 63 and wondered if it was actually a photo that they had animated. like the B&W photo montage at the end of the N&T video. E.g. they made john strum his guitar in the famous Woolton Fete photo. Wasn't sure about all that, myself.