Sunday, October 15, 2023

Birthday party memories

Paul and Delphine at his 22nd birthday party in Sydney 

With Paul heading to Australia this week, I thought I'd look at information about when the Beatles traveled to that continent in 1964.   I watched a documentary from 1994 called "The Beatles Down Under"  and discovered this story from the blond girl in these photos, Delphine Dockerill (age 17).  She entered a contest to win an invite to Paul's birthday party. 

"I won because I was able to tell a white lie and I think it appealed to the judges.  I said I used to play with Paul as a child in Liverpool and I'd like to see if he remembers me now how I am today.  In fact...I'd never been to Liverpool."

"I liked Paul McCartney.  He's the one I remember dancing with a great deal of the night.  I can say Paul was a very good dancer."

"We did dance slowly but I can't comment on anything else.  That's too far in the past."

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