Sunday, September 17, 2023

George comes to the United States


September 1963

60 years ago George Harrison became the first Beatle to come to the United States when he came to visit his sister, Louise in Benton, Illinois.   

I know for a fact that George took plenty of photographs and moving pictures while he was there.  A few of them have popped up here and there over the years.   My hope is that now Ringo and Paul have released some of their person photos, that the Harrison estate will follow and publish some of the photos George took in Benton.   There is one photo I would love to see -- a photograph of George with the bass player from the 4 Vests (Gabe McCarty) standing next to a truck.   I know this photo was taken because in 2013, Gabe (Rest in peace) told me that several photos were taken with George's camera and that George was going to send Gabe copies (never happened).   

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