Thursday, September 7, 2023

First John and May sighting (The start of the Lost Weekend?)

Photos taken by Marie Lacey / the Greeting Committee

September 7, 1973 - Thanks to the Greeting Committee -- we have here the first photos of just John and May Pang.   May was known to the fans because she worked for Apple in New York City and was seen with John and Yoko from time to time.  So seeing them here together wouldn't have raised any big red flags and they do not look like they are in a romantic relationship in these photos at all.  But -- we all know what is about to happen!  


  1. Feel so sorry and sad for her... how she was used by her boss to sleep with her other boss... this should be work harrasment in the first place. Love May tho. She was a good influence on John. I guess both knew it was not serious and was going to be short lived anyway...

  2. I don't feel sorry for her - she knew what she was getting into with a still married man

  3. Odd to feel sorry for someone who was "used" to have an affair with John Lennon.