Monday, September 4, 2023

Farewell to the Dream Weaver


It is so sad to have to post about another death of someone close to the Beatles.  I just heard about the death of Gary Wright.  Gary was good friends with George and was part of Ringo's All Starr Band for several years.   Gary always was asked by John Lennon to play on the Imagine album but had to turn him down (!!) because of his touring commitments.   Gary appeared at a few Beatle conventions over the years and talked about his time with the lads, especially with George.  

Of course, his big hit song was "Dream Weaver" (which I first heard in the Wayne's World movie and automatically adored).  Prior to performing it with the All Starr's he would tell this story:

George invited me to go to India with him, and as a means of introducing me to the philosophy of India, he gave me some literature, one of which was a book of poems. I was browsing through it one night, and I came across this line that said ‘when at night, my mind weaves dreams’, and I opened up my songwriting journal and I wrote down the words ‘dream weaver’ “.

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