Thursday, August 3, 2023

Two Virgins

 August 3, 1968 -  So I decided to show the backside photo of Two Virgins because I think we have all seen the front enough times to remember what it looks like.  


  1. was 15 at the time and of course had to have everything John but truthfully was embaressed when I saw the front

  2. You do not want to see the outtake shots. Many decades ago when I purchased the "brown bag" album, I had a plastic bag of the front and back of the Two Virgins cover. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depend who you ask) my grandfather returned the bag to the record shop. I do wonder if the bag was rare. Never seen it anywhere (got it in Argentina)

  3. No, John’s is nicer. 😁

  4. liked John a lot but not during this John/Yoko period; when his rock n roll lp came out I loved it

    1. his rnr lp was fantastic for sure

  5. The cover pic rightfully gets most of the attention, but also putting on there the quote by Paul about "2 great saints meeting" was even more naive and silly.