Monday, August 28, 2023

Ringo shares his dreams of owning a string of women's hair dressing salons


August 28, 1963 -  This is one of the most iconic Beatles interviews  because they are talking about what they will do when their popularity ends.   Looking at it 60 years later, seems so strange because the Beatles popularity never ended.    Probably the funniest part is when Ringo talks about his aspirations to own a string of women's hair dressing salons.   But really it wasn't that strange of a statement.   He was involved in a romantic relationship with Maureen Cox who was studying to be a hairdresser.   I can just imagine the conversation that had about how Ringo could invest the money he was making with The Beatles to own a hair salon for Maureen to own and cut lady's hair.   As a matter of fact -- he could buy a whole string of them all around England!  

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  1. always thought this was meant to be funny