Sunday, July 2, 2023

A Day with the Beatles by Dezo Hoffman (and one by Freeman)

Phot by Robert Freeman 

Dezo Hoffman photographs 

 July 2, 1963


  1. Great shots but all are not by Dezo Hoffmann. The top one of Ringo is Robert Freeman, and the 5th one in the dressing room was taken by neither Hoffmann or Freeman.

    1. Thank you. I had to post these photos "blindly." My computer went wacky and I could not see the thumbnails of the photos in the file. So I just clicked on the first few photos and hoped they were Dezo Hoffman ones, because those were the ones I wanted to share. Then I didn't even check to see if they were when they were visible to me.

    2. I have changed them now and removed the one in the dressing room.