Thursday, July 13, 2023

A Common Case of Beatlemania: A Book Review


I just got finished reading the best book!  It is called A Common Case of Beatlemania, a memoir by Ursula Furey Costa.    I have read and enjoyed many memoirs of fans who were Beatlemaniacs in the 1960s.  This book is similar to those other books, but there is one HUGE difference.   The previous books were all written by Americans and show Beatlemania through the American fan experience.  Ursula was a teenage Beatles fan that lived in London and shows Beatlemania through the UK fan experience.   And what an experience it was!

Ursula and her friends traveled all around London to see The Beatles at every opportunity that they could.  Not only did she see The Beatles in concert on many occasions (including 4 of the 1963 Christmas shows), she also went around to their London homes (and had a hilarious encounter with Ringo!), met them three times at the Southern Fan Club meet and concert and was even in the audience during the "Around the Beatles" program.    The stories of exactly HOW she did all these things just have to be read to be  believed.    

This book was like going on an adventure.  You never know where Ursula and her Beatle loving friends would go next, but you were willing to find out.   

A Common Case of Beatlemania is my summer book pick for 2023.   It is quite a treasure to read first hand account of a fan that was there from the beginning with Love me Do.  

Here is the affiant link for Amazon if you decide to pick up a copy for yourself. (I usually post the little picture with the link at the end of a review, but Amazon will only let me post the link this time.)

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