Sunday, June 25, 2023

Rest in Peace Lily Evans

Mal, Lily and Gary 

This  (edited)picture of Lily with Paul and John at the Y.S. premiere was printed in Beatle Book monthly

The Beatle Book has its watermark on this, but this is the entire version of the photo.


Sad news to report this weekend.   Lily Evans, the beautiful wife of Mal Evans, passed away this weekend.  I believe she was 87.    You never hear very much about Lily.  But when you think about it, she went through the same things a Beatles' wife went through (only without the money).   Mal was gone with all of the tours and super late nights at the recording studio.  She had to sacrifice so much for Mal to work for The Beatles.    I always think of the time when Mal was pulled off the plane in Manila, and thinking he was going to die, he said, "Tell Lil I love her."  

She lived a quiet but happy life with her children and grandchildren.   She continued to love the music of her and her husband's favorite singer, Elvis Presley, until the end of her life.  

My condolences to the Evans family.  Losing a loved one is never easy.  I hope your photographs and memories bring you some peace.