Thursday, June 8, 2023

Linda's Memorial service


June 8, 1998 -  Linda's memorial service was a very difficult time for Beatle family.  These pictures aren't easy to look at because you can just see such sadness on Paul's (and the kids') faces.  But it warms my heart that George and Ringo (along with their wives) came to the memorial to not just honor Linda but to be there for Paul.   Most of the time, members of the Beatles don't attend high-profile memorial services because they want the focus to be on the person that passed away and not a media-circus because they are there.   I am glad that George and Ringo were there to support Paul.   I know the media was there (obvious -- we have these photos), but I don't remember it being a frenzie.  


  1. Brian's service was very emotional too and they all came of course

    1. it was incredibly sad for his family and Beatles because of the shock of BE'S death

  2. no sara there wasn't a frenzie; it was pretty low key and not any crowd at all

  3. George was already sick here and still came