Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Eyes of the Storm - A Book Review

Photo taken by Paul McCartney 

Photo taken by Paul McCartney 


By now, I am sure you are all aware that Paul McCartney has a photography book that has been published.  And what a book it is!  So many photographs of Paul with a camera in his hand have been seen over the past 60 years.  I often wondered, "Where are Paul's photos?  I'd love to see what he photographed...."   And for the first time, we get to see all of the photos Paul took from the end of 1963 through February 1964.   Photos that Paul had taken in Liverpool, London, Paris, New York City, Washington D.C, and Miami are all featured in Eyes of the Storm.

Paul wrote the introduction and all of the captions.   It is pretty amazing that he was able to name just about everyone photographed in the book (besides random people that he took photos of).  I am sure that he had someone helping him out with some of the names, but who else would have known the name of a girl that Paul took to a drive-in movie in Miami?  

The photos Paul took are such an amazing look at the friendship between the Beatles and their inner circle.  Charming, sweet and loving photographs, and we are so blessed that Paul was willing to share these photos with the world.  My favorite photos are the few "extras" that Paul at the end of the book from the 1964 N. American tour.  It really whets my  appetite for more books of Paul's Beatles photos.  

 What I could really have done without in the book was the writings from Jill Lepore.  What she wrote basically repeated what Paul had said throughout the book and added absolutely nothing to the book, especially for those of us that have followed The Beatles our entire lives.   

The one thing that I have not seen anyone mention is how Ringo's photograph book and Paul's are parallel.  If you look at the same section in Ringo's book (1963-1964), you will discover that Ringo took many of the exact same photographs with his camera that Paul took.   You know George and John had cameras with them as well.  Did they also take a photo of the police with his gun or the marque for The Beatles Washington concert?  I would love more than anything to have a book or website of photos from the same time period from all four Beatle cameras.   I am pretty sure Oliva has George's photographs, but I am unsure what happened to John's. 

The book is on the pricey side, but as this posting, it is on sale for $45 on Amazon. 


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