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Sleepless Nights - Lizzie Bravo's diary (part 2)

 Sleepless Nights 

Lizzie Bravo

"With a Little Help From My Friends"

January 1985

Photo taken by Lizzie Bravo (3 months before this story takes place)

Thursday, June 1, 1967

Paula and I went back to Cavendish and spent the whole time running from the cops -- it was awful.  One of the girls told us Paul and Jane had taken Martha to Regent's Park.  We went there, but his car wasn't in the usual place.  We went back to Cavendish and spent hours walking around the block since the cops wouldn't leave us alone.  After a while, right through the gates, which Mr. Kelly had already opened.  We didn't see much, as the gates were immediately closed.  Paul got John's phone number from one of the girls, and she called from her hotel.  Cyn answered, and Paula asked her very politely if they were recording tonight.  Cyn was very nice and told her they would be, so Paula got a taxi and went straight to EMI.  They were not there, the recording was to be at another studio, and we couldn't find out which one it was.  Paula met me at Cavendish, where I had seen John arriving in the Mini.  We were there with two other girls who left shortly afterwards.

The phone rang inside Paul's, and we saw a shadow passing by his bedroom -- must have been him.  Somebody closed the windows.  A few minutes after that, we heard footsteps and a car door slamming.  John came to open the gate.  He had on a flowered jacket and a straw sombrero with a colourful ribbon on it, and dark trousers.  Paul was standing there and said something to John while Terry got the car out.  Then Paul closed the gates with his left foot.  John held the car door open for him, and he got in the back.  I tried taking a photo, but Paul said, "No, no, no....no, no, no...."  Paula wanted to talk to him, but I had warned her he doesn't always talk or sign autographs when we're outside his house -- it depends on his mood.  It's better to try at EMI.

Paula and I were talking in Portuguese, and John got curious and said, "What??" and I explained to him that I was talking to Paula.  They left. I think they went to the other place they had been recording at, that is not EMI.  I heard something about Olympic studios, but I am not sure. 

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