Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Sleepless Nights by Lizzie Bravo (3rd installment)

Photo taken by Lizzie Bravo

 Friday, June 2, 1967 - Cynthia sent my father's letter with the check inside it to me -- thank God! (If you can believe it, I wrote my father and put John's address instead of mine in the letter -- I was certain everybody on the planet had to know his address by heart.  My dad thought I'd moved again and sent a letter and check there and a telegram to my "old" address to let me know.  Do I need to say how I felt when I got the telegram?  I phoned Cyn and asked her to please send it to me. I told her I'd moved and my dad didn't know my address but knew I'd be around John somewhere (a dirty lie))  

Paula came here to listen to the new album -- she loved it, of course!  Spent the afternoon at Cavendish, as usual -- it was pouring down with rain.  John arrived in the Rolls that is now all painted yellow with lots of flowers, and it's really beautiful!  George was with him.  Paul opened the front door to greet them.  Some girls rushed inside the gates, which infuriated Paul, who said, "Get out, come on!" with his right finger pointed at them.  He was really upset and called the cops.  John was wearing a red coat and pink corduroy trousers.  Paula went to EMI, and the doorman told her as a secret that they would be recording there on the 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Saturday June 3, 1967 -  Paula met me at Cavendish in the afternoon.  "Stick" told us to leave twice.  Millie (the housekeeper) told us Paul was home and had a bit of a cold.  A couple we had never seen got in the house.  A taxi stopped in front of the house, the gates opened, and Paul came out in the Aston.  It was about 9:30pm.  Jane had her hair tied back and a navy-blue dress, and she didn't sit beside Paul.  There were other people in the car.  Paul turned the car lights on and kept looking back.  We left, and I came back home and worked on my scrapbook on John. 


  1. These are great! Thanks, Sara :)

  2. Cynthia was a lovely person

  3. the entire innocent check bit going to John's address blew my mind and how lucky that Cynthia took the time to give it to her- bet other fans 'accidently' had their mail sent to his address in hopes of seeing him return it to them lol