Tuesday, May 23, 2023

John's Home!!!


John’s Home!!!

By Vickie McCartney

With a Little Help From My Friends

October 1978

On October 3, 1978, Donna Standin and I went into NYC to view John’s Rolls at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum Design.   After we took all of the pictures we wanted to get, we decided to go over to the Dakota.

We didn’t really expect to see anyone.  When we got there, two limos were parked out in front.  That was it.  I was determined not to budge until we saw who was going to come out.  We were barely there two minutes when John and Yoko came out of the building.  They started walking up 72nd Street pretty fast.

They were holding hands.  Yoko’s hair is almost waist-length.  She was wearing a grey coat sweater, black pants, and shoes.  John’s hair is just about collar length, and it’s hard to believe how skinny he is.  John wore a blue suede cap, brown suede jacket, black turtleneck sweater, a red plaid scarf, black Cuban-heeled boots, wire specs with black lenses, and black drainies so tight he looked like he was poured into them.

We ran up in back of them so fast, if John had stopped short, I would have rear-ended him.  This was the first time Donna had ever gotten to see John so close.  It must have been a shock because of saying something to them, she said, “Let’s go to McDonald’s.”  I finally found my voice, “John, could I trouble you for an autograph?”  He looked over his shoulder, smiled, and said, “Sorry luv, I don’t do that.  But I could say ‘good morning.’”  It was 11:00 a.m., and he looked tired.  Me: “Ok!”  Brilliant conversation. John: “Good morning.”  Me: “Good morning, John.  Thank you!”  I can’t believe I said that!

We followed them for 12 blocks taking pictures from the rear.  Everyone once in a while they would stop and window shop.  We wonder if they were trying to see if we were still following them.  When they stopped and waited for the light to turn green, John looked to see if we were still there.  We pulled out a subway map and hoped we were faking him out.

We decided to go into McDonald’s after all; we didn’t want to make him mad.  But the strange part was, the whole 12 blocks we tailed them, no one else stopped them or talked to them.  It ended up being a perfect day!


  1. Isn't this a pic by Brenda Spencer from March 78? And they are John and Sean, not Yoko...

    1. It might be a photo from Brenda -- now I don't recall. But I know it is John and Sean. It is the best I could come up with that somewhat illustrated the story.

    2. Ah, ok. Yyes, it's a precious pic, I love all those last five years photos

  2. I've been looking at the wrong people in the photo! Thought that was John on the left! Lol. (MarkZapp)

  3. nyc folk let John alone when he was out walking and he loved it