Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The last Beatles recording

 I Me Mine


  1. Before anyone asks, George also had a Gibson Casino which was stripped of its finish. His had a Bigsby affixed (which you can't see in this image). That's one of the best ways to distinguish it from John's.

    1. if you zoom in on the image you can see that tremolo on the EPIPHONE Casino and, yes, I think the idea of sandblasting the guitar came firstly to George, and that Lennon copied it. After all, it shouldn't be surprising, George was the most attracted to oriental philosophies, and making wood breathe sounds very much like something exotic, even if it is a concept also widespread by us in the western world

  2. January 3, 1970...

  3. Since Linda is IN the photo she obviously didn't take it. I wonder who did? Mal? Ethan Russell? I always fantasized seeing photos from this recording session and then to see that there actually were photos taken blew my mind. WHY did it take over 50 years for photos of this historic magnetude to get published? (MarkZapp)

  4. Ever since the 80s bootleg version of this song came out (rhythm section only, no brass/strings, etc), I Me Mine is the only song they did in which i wish they scrapped the strings. Wish George Martin was there. Anyways, the bootleg version has mesmerized me since the 80s. And to recently see pics emerge from these sessions...wonderful. Thanks Sara.

  5. Stripping the guitars was at the suggestion of Donovan