Thursday, March 9, 2023

Taking care of business in Los Angeles

 March 8-10, 1973

John and Yoko spend some time in Hollywood to take care of things needed to get done and promote Yoko's album.    It looks to me that these photos came from paparazzi who spotted them perhaps going out to eat? 


  1. Here's the story on these rare pics....
    MARCH 9 1973
    John & Yoko visit the offices of Capitol Records in Hollywood. While there Yoko does some promoting for her new album. Quite possibly on this very day or soon after, executives and other promotional people from Capitol Records have lunch with John and Yoko at the Brown Derby restaurant on Vine St in Hollywood. One of the promotional people working for Capitol who was assigned the task to help Yoko promote her album was Art Fein who confirmed it was him in the pics taken of them leaving the Brown Derby.

    1. Thank you -- so I was right. I knew they were promoting Yoko's album, and they had to eat while they were there, right? I just didn't know what restaurant it was. I posted the photos on the 9th because I thought they were most likely taken on that day.

  2. You can see the anxiety on their faces in the TV interviews in that period. So much was coming down on them all at once: being spied on by the govt, Year 2 of the Kyoko kidnapping, firing Klein. And they probably knew the deportation winds were soon to blow. All of that will take a toll on a relationship.