Thursday, March 2, 2023

Back home again

 March 3, 1968

So a lot has been said about Ringo leaving because of the food and Maureen leaving because of the bugs, but Ringo has also said that they didn't plan on staying for very long at Rishikesh.   And who could blame them?   Their son, Jason, was just 6 months old at the time. Babies at that age grow and change so quickly-- and there aren't many parents that want to leave their babies for months.  I am sure they were happy to get back to Zak and Jason.  


  1. they were very caring parents

  2. More than anything, getting back to their sons would be more important than food or irritating bugs.

  3. Photo is from February 20, 1968 arrival day in India when Maureen and Ringo were driven from the airport in Delhi for several hours to the ashram.