Monday, February 13, 2023

Paul on SNL


February 13, 1993 -- One of my all-time favorite Paul McCartney appearances:  Saturday Night Live.  I have such vivid memories of watching this live. 


  1. Kim Basinger (and then husband Alec Baldwin) were hosting the show. Paul was the musical guest. Between Kim and Paul being on the show, I was ready to burst!
    Speaking of Kim Basinger being on a show with a Beatle, does anyone remember Dame Edna had a summer replacement show about 30 years ago? On one of the shows Kim Basinger was a guest and Ringo was on a the "band director"? (MarkZapp)

  2. As Alec Baldwin later said about that skit, it aint easy to make Beatlemania funny, but Farley managed to. He was spot on PERFECT in that skit, and he made it look so easy. Paul was great too. One of my favorite SNL bits of all time.