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How to Save a Thousand Dollars

 How to Save a Thousand Dollars

By Fred Velez

GoodDay Sunshine Summer 1987


On August 22nd of last year (1986), Paul and Linda were in New York to promote the “Press to Play” album.  Even though I 2as working just a few blocks away from Radio City Music Hall, I was unable to go.  However, a friend I know did get in and had his picture taken with Paul.  Later that evening, while reading the Rolling Stone cover story on McCartney, this friend called and said, “Fred, how would you like to meet Paul?”  Before you could say, “Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,” I was gone!

When I arrived at the recording studio Paul was at, there were about 15 other people waiting by the front entrance, with a long, black limo parked a short distance away.  Some 10 minutes after I arrived, out came Paul, Linda, and their publicist.  Paul was charming and polite and graciously signed as many autographs as possible.  Before leaving my house, I grabbed my Rolling Stone and “Broadstreet” book.  Paul was nice enough to sign them both.  I spoke to Linda for a bit, asking how the kids were.  She was very nice and friendly and appreciated the mention of her family.  She also signed my “Broadstreet” book.  Meeting her, I felt that all the unkind criticism about her was uncalled for.  I found Linda to be very kind and open (even though Paul was obviously getting the most attention).


When Paul finally got into the limousine and the doors all closed, everyone there got into their own little packs to compare autographs and photos while I stared at the darkened windows of the vehicle, just barely making out Paul’s features.  I gave him the old thumbs-up sign, and Paul then rolled down the window and said, “Goodnight.  Take care, everybody!”  Then the limo pulled out, and off went Paul and Linda into the night.

It wasn’t until I was riding the bus home with my prizes that it finally dawned on me.  My gosh – I just met Paul McCartney! I had to keep looking at the autographs to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Now to the point of the article and the title.  At the same time, I was meeting Paul, my friend Molly was in England enjoying the GoodDay Sunshine annual U.K. Beatles tour, of which I was jealous because I didn’t have enough money to attend.  I was struck by the cosmic joke that Molly and other fans were spending a  bundle for this trip, and I was able to take a five-dollar taxi ride to meet Paul here at home.  (I gave Molly the signed Rolling Stone magazine as a ‘welcome home’ gift, for which she was grateful, to say the least).  I also learned a lesson from this experience.  If you stay home and save a thousand, you have a one in ten thousand chance of meeting a Beatle!

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