Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Eyes of the Storm

Photos taken by Paul McCartney 


Paul McCartney has announced that coming this June, he is releasing a book of photographs he had taken of his fellow Beatles in January-February 1964 called Eyes of the Storm.  We have seen quite a few of Ringo's photographs from this time period, so it is great that Paul is going to publish the photos he took s well.   From the sneak peek photos we saw today, they look great!   I just love the one of Ringo and George in Miami.

Now I'd love to see a Beatles photo album of photographs taken by all four of the Beatles.  We know they all were snapping photos because we see them with cameras.  

If nothing else, I hope this is the first of many photo books of Paul's photographs.   He is the Beatle I notice the most during the touring years with a camera around his neck.   What photos did he take?   Maybe we will soon find out!  

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