Thursday, December 8, 2022

Missing John


I always dread December 8.   There is always just a feeling of sadness hanging around all day.  Even though it has been 42 long years since he was murdered, it sometimes feels like it just happened.  At times it just makes me angry that one person decided to bring a gun across the country and kill John -- his actions took away potential new songs, new albums, concerts, and who knows what else from all of us.  And it took away a husband, a father, and a friend to so many.   It has never made sense to me.  

But thankfully, John's music will never leave us, and it sounds just as good today as it did 42 years ago.  I hope you all take time to remember John in your own way and appreciate the music he left behind for us to enjoy.  


  1. it still shocks me about his loss - as you say, we will continue to appreciate him

  2. John's music will go on forever

  3. I feel the same. It’s right around my birthday…I was 4 almost 5 years old when he was murdered. I can remember watching the TV news coverage and a young child, hearing all the adults around me talk about it. I remember being pretty sad too, as I knew who The Beatles were, and loved their music. 😔♥️

    Sometimes I forget what day it is, but I have a sad, heavy feeling…and then when I see something that reminds me…it makes sense why I’m so sad, or feeling depressed. It’s etched into my psyche.

  4. Remarked to a friend the other day that John's death didn't just break our hearts but pulverized them. But John left such a gift of himself on the earthly realm that vibrates with so much love and brilliance there will also be constant reason to celebrate and be at peace,