Friday, December 30, 2022

Barbara Walters - Rest in Peace


Sad news tonight that journalist Barbara Walters has passed away.   I have always seen her are a pioneer as a women's journalist.   She did things that typically only men had been allowed to do before and made a name for herself.   She became known as the woman that could make any interviewee cry.    I know I watched plenty of her interviews over the years and watched her on 20/20 with Hugh Downs.    I lost a little respect for her when she interviewed John Lennon's murderer in prison, but I also knew that she was doing a job, and interviewing killers was part of that job.  I just hated that she gave him publicity.    I thought her original idea for The View television show was good.  To have women of all different ages, races, beliefs, and backgrounds sit around a table and discuss the topics of the day and then have those women interview famous actors and musicians was something that had never been done on daytime television in the 1990s.   Sadly, I think the program has now strayed far away from her initial idea, and I haven't watched it in at least a decade. 

In 1981 Barbara Walters was the first person to speak to a Beatle after John's murder.   Her interview with Ringo Starr remains one of the lasting interviews from that time to really display how the world felt after John's death (yes, she made Ringo cry).

The craziest thing was discovered when Paul started dating Nancy Shevell.   Barbara Walters casually says something on The View about how Nancy is her cousin!    Suddenly Ms. Walters is part of Paul's extended family.  She always stands out in the photos of Paul and Nancy's wedding because she wears a stunning red outfit.  

My deepest condolences go out to all of Barbra Walter's family and friends during this challenging time.  

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