Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Jordans film footage -- recently found!

On November 4, 1967, a band from Brazil, The Jordans, went to London and happened to have met the Beatles during the time that they were editing the Magical Mystery Tour. 

Here is some information found in the YouTube comments:

Aladin (Guitar): "We were in London, and we found some of our albums in the stores. And So we bought them to take our money from the Record company in Brazil. During the visit, we went to an Italian restaurant. We all were wearing Quick Draw McGraw shirts; IrupĂȘ (Sax) said, "I'll go to the bathroom before we leave" he walked past Ringo and then 5 minutes later, came back and said: "I saw a guy that looked identical to Ringo Starr." We said, "Everyone wants to be a Beatle these days..." But when we walked towards the door, the four Beatles looked at us wearing the same shirt and smiled." IrupĂȘ said: "One is all right, but four of them!" We paid the bill, and the owner said: "They are across the street." We figured out the place, but Paul had left in a green car. We knocked, and John Lennon opened the door. We showed him our records, saying: " We are the Jordans, a Brazilian group" John grabbed all of them, saying, "thank you, come in"...

A home movie was made of the Jordans meeting Ringo and John.  But it has been considered lost media for many, many years.   Good news!  It is now found!    

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