Thursday, November 10, 2022

He looks so cool



  1. Recording All Things Must Pass at Abbey Road in 1970?

  2. I have mixed feelings when I see photos like this (any Beatle walking through a crowd). Part of me understands that there are a lot of people wanting to meet them and it is holding them up from getting to work. The other part of me feels like at the very least they can wave, smile, say hello or shake hands since these people are the ones that bought their records and concert tickets and gave them this lifestyle and career that they could have and they are ignoring them. I guess it gets to you after a while. I'll never know. ( MarkZapp)

    1. This site has plenty of photos of George posing with fans outside Kinfauns, which would seem to be a bigger invasion of his privacy. The problem is, where do you draw the line; he could easily spend all day doing meet & greets, but it would never be enough to satisfy demand. And he does have to go make the records the fans enjoy and want as well.

      Besides, for all we know in photos like these, he could have spent several minutes beforehand smiling, shaking hands and signing autographs. Then he excuses himself because he needs to get into the studio and *click* there's the photo.

      I think it would get to you at times, though. Nobody's perfect.

  3. Love this period. George just oozed coolness.