Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The White cowboy hats


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  1. The Beatles arrive at Dallas Love Field in the wee hours of Friday, September 18, 1964. The woman in the photos is Kathleen Lingo who was there representing, of all things, the Dallas Civic Opera Association. It was Kathleen who presented the Beatles with those white hats on behalf of the DCOA. The Beatles hated the hats! According to Stephanie Pinter, co-president of the Dallas chapter of the National Beatles Fan Club, John threw his white hat across the Beatles' suite at the Cabana Motor Hotel, thrilled to hear that Stephanie and her co-president Yolanda Hernandez would be giving them black Stetsons the following day prior to their show at Dallas Memorial Auditorium. They loved the black hats and were seen wearing them off and on for the next few years, most notably the next day at the Pigman Ranch.