Monday, October 24, 2022

Ground breaking


Does anyone know what Paul is doing in this photo / where it was taken?   He is holding something that is signed by both him and Linda, but I can't make out what else it says.   


  1. This photo is just a black and white version of Paul when he was in Japan during his World Tour in 89 and 90.

  2. look 1990 world tour japan Friday March 9

    The day begins with Paul and Linda visiting the Imperial Palace Garden, a site he last visited during The Beatles' tour to Tokyo in 1966. Then, at 3:00pm JST, the McCartneys attend the Masago Primary School for a planting ceremony, an event arranged by Tetsuo Hamada of the Japanese Beatles Cine Club. Later, as promised, tonight's show at the Tokyo Dome is transmitted live on closed circuit TV to 10 Japanese cities, all of which is a complete sell-out! The venues who receive the broadcast are: Kyousai Hall in Sappolo, Sendai Denryoku Hall in Sendai, Ceremony Hall Niigata in Niigata, Aichi Kousei Nenkin Kaikan in Nagoya, Suita Mei Theatre in Osaka, Takamatsu Olive Hall in Takamatsu, Matsuyama City Sougou Community Center in Matsuyama, Hiroshima Mima Koudou in Hiroshima, Papyon 24 Gas Hall in Hakata and Melpark Hall Kumamoto in Kumamoto. At each of the venues, fans who were present at the screenings are handed a free Paul McCartney CD single. During the final three Tokyo concerts (March 9,11 and 13), Paul and his band perform the new medley track 'P.S. Love Me Do', a video tape recording of which (from March 9) is included in the fund-raising memorial concert for John Lennon, held at the Pier Head in Liverpool on May 5 this year. Paul also donates £250,000 to the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Centre and Friends Of The Earth.

  3. Paul & Linda visited the Masago Children`s School and participated in a special tree planting ceremony.
    They also watched the children perform dances and songs. Bunky┼Ź, Tokyo. Japan.Friday 9 March 1990.