Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Ralph Gibson in Hollywood


August 24, 1966

The Hollywood Capitol Records press conference in 1966 has to be one of the most photographed press conferences of the Beatles career.    Here are some photographs taken by freelance photographer Ralph Gibson.   These are all new to me.  

I sneaked one in for Mark to enjoy!   


  1. Indeed you have "sneaked one in", Sara! I was scrolling down, knowing that was the Capitol Records Hollywood press conference where the Dallas girls presented the boys with those personalized branding irons. Sure enough, there they were! And then I saw your comment about sneaking one in for me! Ha! You knew I was going to say something! In 1992, at the time I bought Stephanie Pinter's Cabana autograph set signed by the Beatles and Brian in Dallas in '64, she gave me several different pics from their '66 branding irons presentation, but I'm not sure I have this exact one. At the time, she desperately wanted to get in touch with Dick Clark because she said his crew had filmed her, Yolanda and her sister Debbie with the Beatles that day. She was never able to get in touch with him. But then I was given a VHS tape of various Beatles gold record presentations and, lo and behold, there were the girls up there on stage with them in L.A. just before they were presented with their "Revolver" gold records. I dubbed a copy and sent it to her mom because Stephanie had moved and I didn't have her new address. Thanks for the surprise! Mark

    1. I think none of these Ralph Gleason photographs have been seen before. I know they all are new to me.

    2. I'll have to compare this shot with the ones I have. It doesn't look familiar to me, but the ones I have look very similar, shot from the same distance and angle. Thanks again for posting -- just for me!