Tuesday, August 30, 2022

One to One Concert -- 50 years later

Photo by Richard Adler 

Photo by Richard Adler 


August 30, 1972 - 

If I had that time machine I always dream about, going back 50 years ago today to Madison Square Garden in New York City would make the list.    What a thrill it had to have been to see John Lennon perform live in concert!   I can just picture standing there with the crowd shaking that tambourine they handed out at the show.    Maybe the concert is so special to me because we know that John did not get the opportunity to perform live as a soloist during his life.   

Fortunately, the One to One concert is available for us to listen to and watch.  While it isn't close to actually being there, it is better than not having it available at all, right?   John standing there, chewing his gum, wearing that army jacket, and singing into the microphone is so iconic.  

Thank you for the music, John.   Even 50 years later, you know how to rock!  

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