Thursday, August 4, 2022

Hollywood Bowl

 August 4, 1967 -  Two years earlier George performed at the Hollywood Bowl with the Beatles.  In 1967 he and Pattie were there in the audience to see Ravi Shankar.  


  1. appreciate the George articles on this site

  2. I was there with a friend and his sister, in a box near the front, quite close to George and Patti. We were 15, 16, and 17. My friend's sister (15) couldn't stand it any longer , and during a break went over to them for a hello. I had done the same thing one night not long before, at Ravi Shankar's Kinnara School of Indian Music in L.A. We wondered, why is this guy following us around? [g]

  3. That's a young Rodney Bingenheimer (Google him!) sitting next to George.