Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Shades of Life (Part 1) - A Book Review


Tonight I am going to review the next book in Jude Southerland Kessler's John Lennon Series, Shades of Life (part 1).    This book follows John Lennon's life in 1965 from January until he left for the North American Tour in August.   

If you have read Jude's previous books, then you will want to read this one as well.  However, if you have never read her previous books, then you might be a little confused if you just picked up this one as your first read.  Jude's style of narrative writing takes a little getting used to so I would advise going back to the first book before continuing in the story. 

If you are expecting to read the nitty-gritty details of John's sex life and drug usage in 1965, you will not find it in this book.   Yes, some of these things are touched upon (especially John's first LSD experience), but it is not written as a romance novel.   Really, I think of this book as John's life as told through Cynthia's eyes.   You feel a lot of sympathy for Cynthia while reading this volume as you see the marriage of John and Cyn crumble, and John slips into depression. 

I enjoyed reading the stories that took place during the making of Help (a few that were found on this very site!) and some of the European tour.    Jude always has an interesting point of view of John's life, and after I read one of her books, I feel like I understand John just a tad bit more.   

Again, if you have read the other 4 books in this series, I would recommend the 5th.   I have included the Amazon link for the Kindle version of the book (because her books are sooooo heavy to carry around!)

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