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London '73

This story really highlights how kind and patient Paul and Linda could be with the fans.   The fan telling this story here, Jan is quite immature at the time of the story and overstepped her bounds a few times.   I do not know Jan, but if she reads this, I hope she understands that I am not making fun of her or putting her down.   I think she is very cute and sweet but did not seem to comprehend at that time just how famous Paul and Linda really were.    However -- Paul and Linda both went out of their way to show her such kindness and that kindness is something that she never forgot. (By the way -- she "dies" at least 4 times during this story!  haha!)

 London ‘73

Jan Combs

McCartney Ltd

March/April 1975


Hi!  Jan Combs here.  As most of you know I went to London on November 19, 1973, and met Paul and Linda on November 22, 1973, which is a day I will never forget.

Anyway, this is what happened.  I decided to try and find Paul’s house so I took a bus to St. John’s Wood.  Which is very near to Abbey Road and E.M.I. Studios.  I couldn’t get over the fact I was actually there.  Well, as I walked down Circus Road.  I found Cavendish Avenue.  Die!  I turned right and there was Paul’s house a few steps away.  Oh God.  I couldn’t help but stare at his enormous house.  So beautiful and colorful.  I noticed some men were working next door to Paul’s, so I asked if they know Paul was home. One man said, “Oh, Paul is in the backyard.”  I about panicked but then he told me Paul was gone but would be back around half-past four.  I got there at 2:00 so I figured heck, I’d wait forever to see Paul.  I rang his bell on the gate to see if anyone would answer.  Sure enough, someone did.  She replied, “Yes?”  I said, “Is Paul home?”  She answered, “No sorry no one is home.” Click.  I thought, "Could that have been Linda?"  I waited a while and rang again.  This time I said, “Is his Linda?”  She replied, “Yes, speaking. “I was totally stunned at that moment.  (Note:  It really wasn’t Linda.  It was their maid.  I think she likes to fool a lot of their fans.)

I said, “Do you know when Paul will be home?”  She said, “Oh ‘they’ should be here very shortly.”  I had to say I traveled 3,000 miles to see Paul and she said, “Oh really?  How nice.”  And hung up.

Well, I stood by his gate hoping he would show up.  Man, I about froze.  A cop drove up and rang Paul’s bell.  The maid had called the cops.  He went in for a few moments and came back out to the car.  I walked up to the policeman and said “Is it alright if I wait for Paul?”  He said, “Well, it’s ok as long as you don’t climb over the wall.  Actually, they don’t like to be bothered.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he told you to get lost.”  I said, “Oh, that would break my heart.”  He told me it was ok and drove off.  I gave him the peace sign and he smiled.


At about 4:40PM a yellow car drove up.  I didn’t look to see who it was until I noticed a tall handsome dude come out behind the car.  I looked at him – once was enough.  It was Paul!  Oh God.  I about died.  Here was our conversation:

Jan:  Oh Paul?

Paul:  Yes? (He came right over to me)

Jan:  I have something for you.

Paul:  Really?

Jan:  This picture was taken by my friend Brenda from your special.

Paul:  Ah yes!

Right then Linda came by my side.

Jan:  Oh Paul, can I have your autograph?

Paul:  Sure.

AS he signed my book I couldn’t help but cry.  When I did, Linda patted my shoulder and said,

Linda: “Oh, it’s alright.”

Jan:  Oh God, I can’t believe this.  

Paul looked at me so sad.  Linda said to Paul, “Ah, everybody is happy because it’s almost Christmas, ya know?”

Paul:  Yeah.

Linda:  Are you from America?

I shook my head yes.

Linda:  What part?

Jan:  Washington

Linda:  you mean, Washington D.C.?

Jan:  No, the state of Washington.

Linda:  Where are you staying?

Jan:  In Hampstead.

Linda:  How long will you stay?

Jan:  A month

Paul got done signing his autograph and handed my book to Linda.  Paul then picked Stella up into his arms.  I had to kiss her on the cheek.  Paul said, “Uh—lots of kisses.”  Mary ran back to the car and Paul halfway yelled, “Mary, you little runt!”  I started to cry again and I said, “Oh I love you both.”  Paul and Linda put their arms around me.  I died.

Paul took hold of my left hand and said, “Ooo you’ve got cold hands!”

Jan:  God, I’m so cold.  I’m about ready to die.

Paul:  Well, now you can get out of the cold. 

This meant they were going in.

Jan:  Paul, can I come inside?

Paul:  Oh, no.  We’ve been gone all day and the kids need to be taken care of.

Linda gave me hug and kissed my cheek.  She wished me a Merry Christmas and went inside the house.  Paul then gave me a hug and kissed my neck!  Oh – I cried all the way back to Hampstead!

Paul went to the gate and called the kids to come with him.  I waved and said, “Bye Paul!”  He said “Bye!”

Well, that’s what happened. I still can’t believe it.  Paul and Linda are such beautiful people.  You have to love them both.  Really!  My dream finally came true.  I am so very happy it did. 


  1. All these fans met Paul or another Beatle and none of them bring cameras? I don't understand. And she travelled all the way from Washington state by herself???

    1. Yeah -- too bad she didn't bring a camera. She did bring something to be signed.

  2. Was Paul in the habit of parking outside of the gate? Did he have a yellow car (if so, I hope it was a pale yellow Mercedes!) Was Rosie in the habit of impersonating Linda on the phone? Did she call the police for just one fan? Why would Paul call Mary a "runt"?
    So many questions :)
    Wish we'd get some pictures!
    This young lady was certainly lucky - the one and only time I encountered Linda outside of Cavendish she basically told me to beat it (and I did!)