Sunday, May 29, 2022

Get Back soon!


As I type this, it is Thursday, May 26, 2022 -- but you are reading this in the future.    Hello Beatle fans of the future!

By the time you read this -- I will have flown to Florida and have seen Paul McCartney in concert.  And I can already tell you -- it was amazing!   Paul is awesome.   He is the best!    What a show!

Needless to say -- I am on a much, much-needed vacation for a few more days.   While this is getting posted, I am most likely sitting on a beach chair in a beachy area with a fruity drink in my hand.    I planned for a couple of photos to post while I am away, but not a whole lot because I ran out of time.  

I will be back very soon with more stories and photos.   Unless Paul McCartney asked me to join his tour and sing Linda's harmonies on stage with him, then forget MTBFR and hello Paul!  

See you really soon!


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  1. glad you are having a wonderful time and vacation - btw think paul's backup does great harmonies