Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Revolver press conference



  1. WOW! What a great find, Sara! I've never seen this. At the very bottom of the photo (standing with the man at the bottom center) are, from left to right, Stephanie Pinter (in the black Stetson), Yolanda Hernandez, and Debbie Pinter (also wearing a black Stetson). As you know, Stephanie and Yolanda were co-presidents of the Dallas chapter of the official Beatles Fan Club. Debbie (Stephanie's sister) was a vice-president of the club. They had just moments earlier presented the Beatles with personalized branding irons. The reason why the girls are wearing black Stetson hats is because they gave identical hats to each of the Beatles two years earlier during the group's visit to Dallas (9/18/64). Now, in 1966, they wanted to remind the "boys" who they were. There is film footage of the girls presenting the branding irons to them at this Revolver press conference, and I have several still photos that Stephanie gave to me of that presentation. But I've never seen this particular photo. Amazing! By the way, the date of this press conference which, as you correctly stated, took place at the Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles, was August 24, 1966.

    1. Mark -- I saw the girls in the photo but didn't say anything because I thought I might surprise you with it. This was the Beatles 2nd of last ever press conference.

    2. Well, I WAS surprised! Very cool candid photo. Love that the girls are chatting away in the foreground while the Beatles are being presented their "Revolver" gold record awards from Capitol President Alan Livingston in the background. What a great find, Sara! And yeah, a mere five days later, their touring days were over for good.