Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Marcy the Hippie from NYC

 Marcy the Hippie from NYC

Mrs. Lennon’s Apple Farm

September / October 1992


The following is a phone conversation March had with Rich while he was in New York from September 13 – September 18 (1972)

Rich:  Hello?  (sounding like he did in Help!)

Marcy:  Hi (a little weak voice).  Am I disturbing you Ringo?

Rich:  No, who is this?

Marcy:  Well, you don’t know me, but I was wondering about something I was reading.

Rich:  Yes?

Marcy:  Well, is it true that you are forming a new group?

Rich:  Well, (pause) actually not a formal group, just for a film I have been making.

Marcy:  Oh, well because I read it in a magazine so I was curious.

Ringo:  How did you know where I am staying?

Marcy:  There was a picture of you in the papers and you stayed at the Park Lane in June.

Ringo:  You people are too much (laughter).

Marcy:  What do you mean by that? I mean if we didn’t do this and hang out for 2 hours to get a glimpse of you, you would probably wonder, right?

Rich:  Yes, I guess you are right about that.

Maureen was in the background, but couldn’t hear what was said.

Marcy:  Okay it’s really great speaking to you.

Rich:  By the way, what’s your name?  I have been talking to you and I don’t know your name.

Marcy:  Marcy

Rich:  Well, Marcy I have to run, thanks for the chat.

Marcy:  Oh, thank you.

Rich:  Take care, oh by the way, do you like T-Rex?

Marcy:  I liked them when they were still Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I have tickets to see them next week.

Rich:  Oh, we might go.  Well, let me go now, take care and be good.  Thanks again.

Marcy:  It’s alright.  Tell Maureen and the kids I said hello.

Rich:  Will do Marcy, bye now

Marcy:  bye


  1. Who ARE these people who keep calling Ringo Rich or Richie. Are they supposed to be super cool or something? Gets on my nerves.

    1. It seems to have been the trendy thing to do in the early 1970s if you were a big Beatles fan. However -- notice that as soon as she talked to him, she called him Ringo. I doubt ANY of them called him "Rich" or "Richie" to his face.