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Lennon Writty

 Lennon Writty

By Barb Chappel

Around the Beatle fan club newsletter

January 1968


Hello, all you Beatles Friends and Family (BFAF).  Don’t know how to start, but here it goes.  Thank you, Jeri for asking me to write every month.  It’s an honor and you’re a great friend.  Mates, you are now embarking upon my adventures in Jolly Ole and meeting with John, Paul, George, and Ringo – or trying to!  Have you ever tried to catch J.W.L.?  Nearly impossible!  He’s always son the move.  I even had an expected appointment on October 6.  I went up to Johns for the first time on October 2 and was given a ride to his door.  Leave it to John mind you, the front door happens to be the back door!  A bloke answered the door and said he’d tell John I’d be there on Friday.  On October 6 I walked and trekked up his walk.  It was lined with beautiful red flowers.  His housekeeper came to the door and said he wasn’t home again.  I gave her the flowers for Cyn’s birthday and talked to her for 20 minutes.  Then, since I had no way back, she let me use the telephone by the kitchen sink.  I keep pinching myself.  I used his phone!  Bet you’re wondering what John’s house looks like.  Well, it’s indescribable almost.  The living room is dark green with a settee (sofa) chair and stool, and lots o little kittens sleeping.   I saw Mimi, Neil, and Mel.  Mimi is black and white.  Weybridge is a lovely place, peaceful and quiet.  Julian’s cart was by the gate.  Wonder where the white horses were.  I saw Julian at Heath House. There he was sitting as good as gold, his big brown eyes looked at me and I smiled right back.  He takes after his daddy.  We’ve got another John Lennon on our hands.  To top it off, the other day a letter came for me from JOHN.  Imagine that.  Sometimes I can’t believe what’s happening to me.  He told me he was busy on his film and to wait a while before wandering up again.  He was pleased I wanted to come so badly.  Nice to him, huh?  Wonder where he got that idea.  I only went there 7 times…. 


P.S.  Anyone going to John’s go before 2pm, before he goes out. 

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