Thursday, March 3, 2022

Choosing their colors

 March 3, 1967 -  The Beatles were brought swatches of fabric to see the colors of the Sgt. Pepper suits.  I wonder if each guy chose his own suit color or if it was randomly assigned.    I can't picture any of The Beatles wearing any other Sgt. Pepper suit than the one they wore.   Can you imagine Ringo in the blue suit and John in the pink??  


  1. Andy Babiuk has a photo in his book of Paul with this guitar (a Fender Esquire, played upside-down and strung left-handed) dated March 28th. He's also wearing the same shirt/sweater, minus the scarf around his neck (which he might have taken off while recording). Lewishohm claims in his book that March 3rd was for recording the brass overdub on 'Sgt. Pepper', then George did the solo.

  2. Talking about that year...Send me please everything you got from that striped jacket who wear Linda at Pepper's Launch, i want to find the patrons and if is posible find the trademark of it and to find one from a vintage clothing store.