Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A few of Ringo's friends


Who is the little girl?   At first, I thought it must be Lee, but then I thought that Lee would be older than this young girl at the time this photo was taken.   Then I realized she must be Maureen's daughter with her 2nd husband  ( Augusta)

Harry and Maureen -- two people that we lost in the early 1990s -- way too soon.  


  1. I have this press photo. It's from December 1977 and is Lee Starkey with Maureen and Harry. There was no info about about the occasion though.

    1. Oh wow! I really thought it was from the 1980s. Maureen aged very well. I think it is a lovely photo.

  2. From the date given, I'd say the occasion was to do with the London stage opening of The Point, which, of course, Harry wrote.