Sunday, January 23, 2022

So much we can learn about the Apple Scruffs


When I started this site in 2009, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the fans known as the Apple Scruffs.    I thought it wouldn't be a difficult task, but I quickly discovered that there wasn't a lot of information about this group of dedicated fans,  the information that was out there was conflicting,  the only book ever written by one of the Apple Scruffs was almost impossible to find and when I DID find it, I discovered that not all of the information in it was correct. 

So I did what any insane Beatles fan would do -- I started to do my own research.  I tried my best to debunk the myths and learn the true story.   At the same time, I wanted to respect the members of the Apple Scruffs' privacy.  I somehow became the unofficial Apple Scruffs historian.  I was proud to write about them in A is For Apple volumes 1 & 2.   I was always happy to talk to anyone who had questions about them, but was always quick to point out that I don't know all of the answers.    

Lizzie Bravo and I would talk frequently about how we wished the girls in the Apple Scruffs would get their memories and stories documented in some form so that their stories could be told in their own words.   

Lizzie would be proud to know that The Apple Scruffs have made their own webpage!!!   You all need to check this out and no longer ask me anything because we now have their memories on a webpage.  It is amazing.  

Please check it out!

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