Thursday, December 16, 2021

My Sweet Cameos


The brand new music video for "My Sweet Lord" has dropped and it is interesting.   I honestly don't get how the video fits with the song.   However, it is pretty fun to watch because there are all sorts of great cameos and Easter eggs.  

Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh are in the movie theater, having popcorn and Ringo then throws popcorn on the guy that is looking for clues.   A few moments later, Weird Al is serving up some popcorn and Ringo comes by and shows how to drum with a flashlight until Joe drags Ringo back into the theater.   

I also spotted Jeff Lynne, Olivia Harrison, Dhani Harrison and a few other people.   

There were posters for "All Things Must Pass" in the movie theater and the items listed for sale behind Weird Al are actually the title of some of the songs on "All Things Must Pass."  You also see some of George's gnomes sitting in a few places.   I will have to watch again and see what other George Easter Eggs I spy.   The movie everyone is watching is something that we've seen in the "Living in the Material World" documentary, with George peeking out from behind the tulips.   I think it is longer than what we have previously seen.   

I tried to take a few screen grabs to share, but go on Youtube and check it out for yourself.   I liked the video, but I don't like it for "My Sweet Lord."