Tuesday, November 2, 2021

John leaving the lions

Photo by Lawrence Warren (posted with his permission)


Lawrence Warren snapped this photo of John Lennon walking away on November 30, 1980.   He used a 110 camera (remember those?), so it didn't turn out the best -- BUT it is a photo of John and so it is still amazing.   

Here is what Lawrence had to say about his memory of John that day:

I took this picture of John on the last day of November 1980..as he was dodging fans outside the Dakota....I was on my way overseas with the USAf..only 19 then...now 60 ? Sure do fly....met Johnny Ace a few times but I thought you might like this shot....none of us knew what was on the way in 8 days .....it took me 40 years to find this picture...me and my late mom spoke to him for a few minutes as he was walking up 72nd street...had a laugh...then he said gotta run...the lions are out !...it still kills me to this day...not much of a shot but ...it was..well, then.

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