Monday, November 29, 2021

20 years without George


The world lost George Harrison 20 years ago today.   I say that "the world" lost him because his music was appreciated all around the world.    George was a special person.   He was an amazing musician and songwriter.   He had a very funny, dry sense of humor.   His parents taught him to be kind to strangers, and he extended that kindness to his fans.  He was grumpy -- but that just added to who he was.  

Having spent the past few days "with the Beatles" with the Get Back documentary, I feel like I have gotten to know George on a deeper level.   I think he held a lot of his feelings inside because it was so hard to bring your new ideas to John Lennon and Paul McCartney.   But he also was a great friend.   

I cried when I got the phone call early on November 30, 2001 that said that George had lost his battle with cancer.   I cried again today when I realized that it has really been 20 years without him.  

Let's all remember George's last words:  Love one Another. 


  1. I played a large chunk of George Beatle and solo songs and crammed my Facebook page with George photos and songs. What else could I do? Miss you George. Thank you for your music, humor and words. ❤️ Mark Zappasodi

  2. This is beautifully said, Sara. George was a complicated, but basically a nice person. Even though I knew he was dying from cancer, the news when it came over the radio in the car that day in November while I was waiting for a store to open, absolutely threw me. I had a favorite Beatle at different times, but I always thought George was the most attractive Beatle. Among other things, I loved to hear him talk; that most attractive of voices. Incredibly sexy. R.I.P. George. Maria Aeschlimann

  3. Lovely tribute.
    I remember the morning I learned that he had died. I was very very sad, but I was somehow consoled by the thought that he died in his bed, surrounded by his loved ones. After losing John the way we did, I had to at least be grateful for that.