Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The bow



  1. Can anyone identify the two guitars laying on top of the amp to the left? One must be a spare bass for Paul (did he have the Rickenbacker in 1965?) And the other?

    1. The one on the left is Paul's original '61 Hofner, and next to it is George's second Gretsch Country Gentleman. Both were used as backups during the '65 tour.

      Paul finally received the Ric bass towards the end of this tour, in August (several dates after the show in Chicago).

  2. It always amazes me - no microphones on the amps or drums, as if they expected those instruments to carry through a baseball field with thousands of screaming fans. And the bleed through the vocal mics run through the house P.A. would have been barely audible.

  3. And we have to remember that Baker Audio out of Atlanta "CLAIMS" they were the first to put foldback speakers on stage for the August 18, 1965 show. Photos of the actual show claim otherwise! They have been living off that claim to fame over 50 years!