Thursday, September 16, 2021

Paul, the nanny and Herbie


Paul in Miami Beach, Floria in February 1964.   The little boy is Herbie Becker and the girl was his nanny.  Herbie recalls that Paul was very flirty with his nanny (typical Paul!) but nothing happened between them and the three of them spent some time chatting with Paul.    

Thank you Herbie Becker for allowing me to share your photo with the group. 


  1. The others were flirty as well and had affairs, not just Paul. It doesn't get noticed though. It's strange that only Paul was slapped with paternity suits during those early years. Perhaps he was easier to target because of the way he looked or because of his personality.

    1. or perhaps he was a less careful so to speak

  2. I really don't think John would be a more careful person! Come on! That was his charm. And Paul was also known as the cautious one ...